By Floyd French

Observer Reporter

(Frigate Bay, St. Kitts) – Vice President of the St. Kitts Golf Club, Mr. Lee Bailey, accepted donations from Digicel and The Cable for the club’s 28th Golf Championships. The brief ceremony took place on Apr. 23 on the patio of the main building overlooking the beautifully manicured golf course.

Mr. Bailey said the championships are “prestigious events” and the prestige would be furthered through sponsorship from companies such as Digicel, The Cable and the local TDC group of companies.

“By having a company as Digicel being our major sponsor, we are bringing prestige, because Digicel is a prestigious company, to our event when we advertise our event throughout the region and people see the name Digicel they know they are getting a first class experience,” said Bailey.

The 2008 Digicel St. Kitts Opening Golf Championship takes place May 9-11, over the Whit Weekend. Amateur golfers from ten countries, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados, St. Lucia , St. Martin, Montserrat, Antigua and St. Kitts-Nevis, will compete for three prizes in four categories. The categories are based on skill level, age and sex. There are males under 50, males 50 to 60, males over 60 and a female category.


Mr. Bailey expects much local interest in the competition as Mr. Adrian Norford of Tabernacle Village will be defending last year’s trophy.

Mr. Bailey also said that the competition is opened to anyone who can swing the club. Players play 18 holes each day for the three day competition.

Mr. Bailey thanked local Manager of Digicel, Mr. Greg Gilpin-Payne and Marketing Manager for the Cable, Mr. Glen Phillip for the EC$20,000 and EC$15,000 respectively.

Mr. Phillip said that The Cable has been providing sponsorship to the local golf tournament for the past 13 years.

Similarly, Mr. Gilpin-Payne said Digicel wanted “to register its commitment to the social and economic development of the people of the Federation.”

“We have served the country in various activities whether they have been in sports, culture or education,” he added.