Nevis Historic and Conservation Society sponsors pizza party

By Monique Washington

After defeating every school on the island in the Nevis Historic and Conservation Society (NHCS) History and Heritage Hunt Quiz, winning students from St. James Primary Schoolreceived pizza, chicken, cookies and juice.

The week-long competition was held February 15 to19. It was open to primary school students in grades five and six and high students in form 1 and 2.Eleven schools entered.

On Wednesday St. James Primary School Sixth Grade students gathered at the Alexander Hamilton Museum groundsfor a pizza party sponsored by the NHCS as their prize. The students were treated to different types of pizzas, chicken, cookies and juice.

Event Coordinator Danielle Moore described the theme and reasoning behind this year’s competition to The Observer.

“The quiz is to ensure that our students are aware of the history and various aspects of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Moore explained. “This year’s theme was based on marine life, mainly because of the movement happening in other Caribbean islands.”

“Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas Network (ECMMAN) is mainly focused on establishing marine protected areas and strengthening new ones in the region.” Moore said. “The Narrows has been established as it is the largest seagrass bed between the islands. It is a natural nursery it will be established as a conservation zone.”

She noted that at present St. Kitts and Nevis does not have a marine protected area.

Moore described how the completion was organized and judged.

“The questions were to test the student’s knowledge,”she said. “How much they already know about marine life and various habitats. The quiz had 30 questions on paper and distributed to all the schools on the same day.”

Moore said students had a week to answer the questions. At the end of the week the questionnaireswere returned to be judged. Whoever had the highest grade and returned the questionnaire the quickest were the two factors used to determine the winner.

KisceliaLiburd,a St. James Primary School student said they “looked up the answers on the computer and in the eco newspaper and also received help from  teacher Shona Jeffers.”

Liburd said after they submitted the answers she was confident they would win.

NHCS members congratulated the St.James Primary Schoolstudents for winning the competition.Pizza-for-winners