Stealing booze lands teen $1000 fine

You can call it an expensive lesson in life with a Nevis teen who was fined $1,000 for stealing more than $300 worth of liquor from Rams Supermarket in Nevis.

Akeem de Santos faced the magistrate Yasmin Clarke Tuesday to answer the charge of larceny. He plead not guilty to the charge and he had no legal representation.

The police prosecution headed by Inspector Eurita Collins- Percival brought forward three witnesses.
First was a manager of Rams. He testified that on July 17 at around 1:25 pm he noticed de Santos and another young man Lottering around the supermarket. De Santos had a bag on his back which appeared to be empty. He said their movements were suspicious. He testified that while continuing his work he heard bottles moving.

When he looked out he noticed De Santos moving towards the door with his back in his hand so he yelled “stop” three time but De Santos still proceeded towards the door. He said he then pursued him to the door but De Santos side stepped him. De Santos had almost made his escape but the manager was able to grab the bag he was carrying.

The police were summoned and the bag was searched. Discovered was a bottle of Jack Daniels, Campari, Ponche Kuba ,Ciroc and a lighter. A second witness for the prosecution was a worker at Rams. She testified that she saw De Santos take something off the shelf and putt into his bag.

Last for the prosecution was constable Nora Mills. She testified that she received information of a larceny at the Rams supermarket. She left the police station and began her investigation at the supermarket. She later saw and spoke to De Santos who admitted to taking the items.

He told me “yes officer I took them,” Mills told the court that he said that the other person he was with was not involved with the larceny as he was just following him.

After the prosecution rested, De Santos was given an opportunity to give his side of the events. He sought to apologize for his actions.

Clarke found him guilty and noted that this was not his first time he had appeared before the court for stealing. “It seems like you have told yourself you are going to have a life of crime,” Clarke told the teen. She warned the young man that next time he appears before her for stealing he might be handed a prison sentence.

He was the convicted and fined $1000 to be paid in three months or face six months in prison.