By Floyd French

Observer Reporter

(Basseterre, St. Kitts) – Cuban medical professionals will hold a one day symposium on Apr. 19 at the Charles Halbert Library in Basseterre to reflect upon their work in St. Kitts-Nevis.  The Scientific Event of the Cuban Medical Brigade is the second of its kind in the Federation.

Dr. Milagros Mazorra, a Cuban gynaecologist working in St. Kitts, said that last year’s Scientific Event was a huge success, and this year’s event would be used to mark the 45th Anniversary of the Cuban International Medical Collaboration.

According to the Cuba Ambassador, Anna-Maria Gonsalez, the Cuban International Medical Collaboration has provided medical professionals to assist many countries in their delivery of critical health care services.  The programme has initiated medical cooperation with 34 countries in Africa, 37 countries in the Americas including the Caribbean and nine countries in Europe.

The medical collaboration has resulted in over 32,000 and over 39,000 Cuban doctors who have worked in Africa and the Americas respectively, over the 45 years.  The impact in Europe is not as great, with only 276 Cuban doctors for the period – many European countries have good primary health care services.

The one-day symposium will have 15 presentations of interesting medical interventions by the Cuban medical professionals.  Doctors and medical technicians will share their experiences of dealing with local medical cases such as ectopic pregnancy, glaucoma, cataract and breast cancer.  The discussion will also reflect on working conditions, equipment and general upkeep for the health care professions.

Ambassador Gonsalez praised the bilateral arrangement between Cuba and Caricom governments.  She said that the cooperation between Caricom Heads of State and Cuba has resulted in the construction of a school of medicine in the Pinar L Rio Province in Cuba for the training of medical students from the Caribbean.

The Federation has benefited immensely from the Cuban International Medical Collaboration and the training of Kittitians and Nevisian doctors.  A number of Cuban health care professionals ranging from doctors, in specialised fields such as gynaecology, pathology, anaesthesiology and physiotherapy, and x-ray technicians are currently working in the Federation.  They will be joined by local doctors, many of whom were trained in Cuba, for the day of professional reflection.