Ta’Janah David, a nine-year-old student at the Charlestown Primary School has been named the Observer’s Junior Writer for October and has been awarded the monthly $100 cash prize.

Young David has been constant with her weekly entries into the competition and scored highest in her second week’s entry on the topic “When I grow up I want to be….”.

During a brief presentation ceremony Monday at the school  David was awarded a $100 cash prize. Attending the ceremony were staff of the Observer, classmates, principal of the school , David’s parents and Londa Brown of the school Libraries.

“The Observer” launched the Junior Writer’s Competition in September  to meet the new school year . The competition is opened to both public and private primary schools on the island of Nevis and targets  students in Grade 3 – 6. There are plans however to expand this competition to the public and primary schools in St Kitts in the near future.

This initiative aims to encourage our youths to read, write and create masterpieces with words. It further encourages students to have a better command of the English language, both written and spoken. The Observer  encourage the students to have fun while writing their pieces and to aim for success.

Each week the topic for stories will be hidden in the weekly edition of the “Observer Newspaper.” Students will be required to place the edition and page number on their story.

Each week a winner will be chosen and their story will be published in the week’s edition of the “Observer.”  At the end of the month the winning school will be notified and the winning story will be re-published with the winning student named as  The Observer’s Junior Writer for that month. The monthly winner will also receive a $100 cash prize .

The rules of the competition are simple. Students can find the selected topic in the each weekly addition of the newspaper and write on the topic. Stories should be between 250- 500 words in length and should be sent to the “Observer” via email or hand delivered each week before 4:30pm Friday.