By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

Resident of Barnes Ghaut and grade one teacher at the Charlestown Primary School, Vaughn Sturge says he’s recuperating well after being hospitalised for one week at the Alexandra Hospital.

He was involved in a traffic accident with bus driver, Perry Liburd on Oct. 24 at 6:55 p.m. The accident took place in the vicinity of One Stop Gas Station in Cotton Ground.

Sturge told The Observer he was travelling in the bus known as ‘Hammi’ on his way to Oualie when the bus made a stop on the main road in front the gas station.

“I came out and walked to the back of the bus on the pedestrian crossing. I looked up and down the road several times and did not see any vehicular lights approaching me. I then proceeded across the road and it was it was then I was hit by the bus and felt my body cease,” Sturge said.

When asked why he left the bus before reaching his intended destination Sturge said he was making a little stop to buy a phone card.

‘Imagine Dat’ was the bus being driven by Liburd at the time of the accident.

The ambulance arrived on the scene and took Sturge to the hospital where he remained until last Monday.

Sturge suffered a few bruises, pain in shoulder and hip and a broken leg. He denies rumours of him being in critical condition and said he would be away from work for six to eight weeks.

Police say the matter is currently under investigation. Sources at the traffic department say the end of October brought the number of traffic accidents to 205 so far for this year.