The Cable To Offer Lower Rates In November

By Stanford Conway

The Observer

St. Kitts telecommunications company, The Cable, will be introducing a new package at a reduced price to its customers with effect from November 1, 2005.

Last Tuesday morning, The Cable announced that one of its bold initiatives to the cost of Internet service on the island, Blue Wave Mega, would be introduced to its customers in St. Kitts.

According to a press release from that company, the Blue Wave Mega entails higher speed for a reduced price and residential customers would enjoy a 512K downstream and 512K upstream package for just EC$97 per month.

Existing customers who currently subscribe to the 128K downstream and 64K upstream package will be automatically upgraded to the Blue Wave Mega.

“After careful analysis and market research,” the release read, “we realised that the market strongly dictates that we should continue to provide lower rates. We understand that price is a high priority to our consumers and catering to our customers is very important.”

The release added that The Cable was committed to providing affordable rates while maintaining a high quality of service and the new package would benefit its subscribers and potential subscribers, who would now pay less and get more.

According to Marketing Manager Glen Phillip, Blue Wave Mega was only one of the many initiatives The Cable planned to introduce to the general public and, in the near future, a quantity of packages would come on stream to suit the pocket of the small man.