By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

The T.D.C. Newtown United Football Club knocked out the Digicel Village Superstars team on Wednesday evening, becoming the 2007 champions of the St. Kitts National Football Association Premiere Division League. The Newtown football ground was in an outburst of excitement as Newtown fans chanted, danced, blew whistles and shouted as their hometown players departed to the locker room. Fireworks dispersed overhead and the DJ began to pump the popular Newtown football chants. Every Newtown supporter was contented with the beating they gave the Village team, 2-0 in the third game of the final matches.

This is what six individuals had to say about the outcome of the league:

What do think about the final outcome of the league?

Denroy ‘Fatty’ Matthew, Port – Newtown knew they was going to win. I was neutral though because I’m from the country and I have friends on both sides, but I just like to see Newtown play. The final was a walk through for Newtown. Village didn’t have defence, they just had a strategy to attack. Newtown had defence and offence. Village was suppose to play smart knowing that some of their players had injures. If their players had injures, how they could play Newtown so? They were suppose to play with a good game plan, not just grab the ball and run. They just needed to take their time and play good. My Saddler’s team coming up soon though so we gun touch up Newtown.

‘Ras Adio’, Entrepreneur – I think the Village team stood a chance of winning. Anybody stand a chance of winning anything. The Village team had good defence and they were well determined. They always attack and they don’t give up. Newtown is a hard team but I still respect Village because they are one the best in the island. We have to give them they jacket still.

‘Johnny’, Farmer – The better team won. I’m not really a Newtown fan, I just like football. It was the Village team’s fault for having those injures because when you come out to play a game like that, it’s the better who won.

Steven ‘Weapon’ Clark, Construction – I wasn’t backing anybody. I would’ve liked if both teams had full strength to see really who was the better team. I believe Newtown deserved to win though.

Marsden Audain, BET Soundstage – I was backing for Newtown and I am happy that they win although I’m from Old Road.

Marvin Whyte, Construction – Newtown was suppose to win and they win. Before Newtown even made it to the finals, I was confident in that team. I didn’t mind injures that some of Village team players had. They still meant they were gonna play so they get that they wanted. We gave them a fair game. They (village) have the heart of champions really.