Attending People's Labour Party Convention held in Tabernacle

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Three founding members of the People’s Labour Party have been axed as the party elected a new executive during its inaugural convention held in Tabernacle over the weekend.

Douglas Wattley, Clecton Phillip and Sam Condor were replaced in their capacities as Chairman, Secretary and Deputy Political leader respectively with a new five man executive. Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris was re-elected as Lead of the Party, while Craig Tuckett was elected as Deputy Chairman are the only roll overs from the previous executive.

Forming part of the new executive is Government Senator AkilahNisbett-Byron who is now the new Deputy Leader, Warren Thompson was elected as Chairman while the new Secretary is Myrtilla Williams.

Speaking at the convention party leader Dr. Timothy Harris indicated the former executive members who now turn critic should be proud that they are conforming to the party’s constitution.

“So when you hear a little ray ray here and there it’s just a cheap distraction to hinder the forward progress and to destabilize the Team Unity government. I say to you, we are moving forward and we are not looking backwards. We are moving forward,” he said.

Dr. Harris delivered a stern warning for those that were making attempts to undermine the government.

“In attempting to sow discord in PLP, their end game, if they can’t control the government, destabilize it, but we have news for them! The anchor holds, the anchor holds, and the anchor is you the people who are here in your numbers! The harder they come the harder they will fall,” he declared.

The Prime Minister stated that all posts became vacant for the Democratic procedures to take place and that they gave every member notice of the convention in accordance to the Constitution.

“All of our founding members and executive members were notified in February of this convention. They were made aware and they ought to have known that the party’s constitution…required us to hold the convention in March,” he said.

He added that the constitution was written by a by a lawyer in 2013 who was part of the original movement which stipulates that the convention be held in March.

He said stated one of the former executive’s complaints were that the party was not meeting regularly and when they decided those individuals would not show up.

The PLP leader said former members chose to stay away from the convention and had not offered up themselves for nomination.

“They chose not to offer themselves for nomination today. They were invited, they knew they were not behaving well, they knew they can’t get the support of the convention so they chose not to offer themselves for nomination.”

He brushed off the threats of court action of the ousted members.

“We respect their right to choose. their right to choose to not come to the meetings and the right to choose to not offer themselves for nomination but all we say having chosen to hold out they should not now stand in the way of new group of persons inspired and courageous enough to say forward on to the PLP,” he said.

Dr. Harris thanked his Cabinet colleagues for their presence and said it shows the solidarity among Government Ministers.

“You have other places you could have been but you understand the historic significance of the day,” he said.

He also hailed the party members for their attendance at the convention and stated that hundreds have come out in their numbers to join the party in recent months.

“Thanks to all of you. Thanks for coming out in your numbers thanks for showing your colours and most of all thanks for your support,” he concluded.