Three Years in Slammer for Bogus Cop

By Trisha La Place

The Observer

Judge Francis Belle sentenced on Tuesday Stanford Williams of Sandy Point, who pretended to be a police officer to break into a Ross University student’s residence.

Williams was sentenced to three years in prison.

Stanford was charged with housing breaking with intent and with possession of items fitted for house breaking

On Dec. 4 2004 the Frigate Bay Police Station got flooded with reports of a possible house breaking in progress at the St. Christopher Beach Club.

Two police officers, Leroy Matthew and Constable Brandy were sent to investigate the matter.

Matthew was shocked when he arrived on the scene and found a man hanging from the balcony. That man was later identified as the accused, Williams.

Matthew testified in court that another individual was also present at the apartment. Williams said Nancy Dickenson, who lived in the apartment and is a former student of Ross University was drenched in tears and sobbing.

“ I reached for my gun and shouted to the accused, ‘Police! Come down!’” Matther said. He said he also saw another man hiding under a small table on the balcony and that Brandy quickly went into action to apprehend him.

“I then phoned the police department for backup,” Matthew said.

Several witnesses were called to testify against the accused on behalf of Dickenson who no longer resides in St. Kitts and told the court what they recall had happened on Dec 4.

Michelle Ann Candosa Housing Director of Ross University recalls getting a frantic call from Dickenson about 8 :25 p.m. that evening.

” I was home watching television and my phone rang, I picked it up and it was Nancy on the line who sounded rather upset claiming some men entered her apartment pretending to be Police Officers,” Condosa said.

Candosa then he called Ross University Security to check out the area.

“I in turned went in my car and drove to St Christopher Beach Club and found Nancy in her apartment with her face all red from the constant crying,” Candosa said.