Steven Dudley, co-director of a journalistic foundation dedicated to the study of organized crime, visited the St. Kitts Marriot Resort Tuesday to facilitate a workshop for the various journalists in the area. The United States Embassy in Barbados sponsored the event, with its officials saying it was “timely with the recent uptake in crime in St Kitts and in the region.”

Many media houses expressed their dissatisfaction with the way information is disseminated officially by police. Late dissemination or no response on the crime situation from a high ranking officer has posed problems for reporters.

In addressing a participant of the workshop, Dudley noted that he would encourage governments and police to be more transparent about crime in the federation

“it doesn’t work all the time, but my first thing is that transparency,” he said. “That is a difficult issue in a place that is clearly tied to its image. That is my recommendation to them, is to be transparent about what is happening, why it is happening. That is going to bridge the gap theoretically and will lead to a greater amount of information and will increase the ability to understand the criminal dynamics and resolve the crimes that are happening in the region.”

Based in Washington D.C., Dudley is co-director of InSight, a joint initiative of American University and the Fundación Ideas para la Paz in Colombia, South America. The group’s purpose is aimed at monitoring, analyzing and investigating organized crime in the Americas. He works with a team of five investigators and various contributors throughout the region to give the public a more complete view of how organized crime works in the Americas, as well as its impact on public policy and communities from the Rio Grande to Patagonia.