By Monique Washington

The Non Governmental Organization Nevis Maternal Health Fund has come out and stated why funds were halted for a young lady who is claiming to be diagnosed with acute cancer.

A statement issued today (May 12) from the NGO apologized to supporters and donors and noted the funds were halted “as the veracity of the claims made could not be fully substantiated”

Ozini Collins, a Guyana national who is currently a teacher has claimed to be suffering from acute leukemia and needed an estimated $69,000 for treatment plus a ticket back to Guyana. However Collins inability to provide appropriate information on her case caused funds not to be handed over to her.

“NMHF, its members and associates take with utmost seriousness our efforts to improve the health and well being of members of our community. These efforts are always supported by the participation and, in some cases, generous gifts of similarly minded citizens and friends of the St. Kitts-Nevis community here and abroad.”

“All donors who have contributed any sum through us have been duly notified and their funds returned” the press release read.