By Monique Washington

The Magistrate Court in Charlestown reopened on Tuesday and will be collecting $7500 in fines for weed possession from two individuals.

On Tuesday Troy McDonald and Menelek Tyson were fined a total of $7500 for cannabis in their possession.

First to the stand was Mr. Tyson who pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis. He was arrested on July 30 for being found with the marijuana. According to the facts presented in court by Police Prosecutor Erita Percival, Tyson from Ramsbury was stopped and searched in the Pinneys area. The officer found 11 small transparent plastic bags on the young man and arrested him for the offense.

In court Tyson said he has been keeping himself out of trouble. He further explained that he has been out of work for some months now and would like Magistrate Yasmine Clarke not to impose a stiff fine. Clarke convicted and fined Tyson $2500 to be paid in six months or face six months in prison. Tyson then asked if the fine could be reduced when magistrate Clarke informed him that she charges $800 per dime bag. He was then dismissed from the stand.

Next was Middle Island resident Mr. McDonald who also pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis. According to the police prosecutor McDonald was caught by police while coming off the boat in Nevis from St. Kitts with a bag of marijuana. The incident reportedly happened on July 7. Magistrate Clarke convicted and fined him $5000 to be paid in six months or face six months in prison.

Less than one month ago an initiative by the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis police force Operation Safe Streets’ burned over 31,000 marijuana plants

According to a press release, “A controlled burn by a combined law enforcement team in support of “Operation Safe Streets” resulted in a large quantity of marijuana going up in smoke on September 30.

“The burn at a secured location saw the destruction of over 31,000 marijuana plants seized during “Operation Safe Streets” and a large quantity of plants seized in previous St. Kitts Nev

is Defense Force marijuana eradication operations, according to police.

In 2015, 517 lbs of cannabis was found with a value of $7.75 million in possession of Patricesia James, a Cherry Garden resident. Upon her conviction, she was fined $100,000.