Patricia James imprisoned for failure to pay fines


A young mother who was given six months to pay a $100,000 fine has been sent to Her Majesty’s Prison for being unable to pay the fine.

Patricia James was placed behind bars for failure to pay the fine. The Observer spoke to Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins Percival who confirmed Thursday that a warrant had been issued for the woman’s arrest and that she was sent to prison last week.

The mother of three children, James was arrested in November 2015 after being found with 517 pounds of marijuana in her possession at her home in Cherry Garden. According to the government, the marijuana has a street value of ECC$7.75 million.

In July 2016, James faced Magistrate Yasmine Clarke and pleaded not guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply and possession of cannabis.  A total of436 pounds of the plant was brought into court and an inspector told The Observer the difference in weight was probably because of the way the plant was weighed in Nevis. James was represented by attorney Natasha Grey.

Magistrate Clarke said under the Drug Prevention and Abatement law, James was also guilty of trafficking because she was found with more than 15 grams of marijuana and is considered a trafficker.

If James pays the fine, she can be released from custody, Inspector Collins Percival said.