Hon. Farrell Smithen, Resident of the Nevis Island Assembly

By S. Williams 

On heels of the Leeward Island Debating Competitions won by Nevis, youths on Nevis were again given the opportunity to showcase their debating skills in the form of the mock sitting of Parliament held on Monday, March 13 in commemoration of Commonwealth Day.

The event took place at the Nevis Island Assembly Chambers and was attended by fellow students, parents, educators, well wishers and specially invited guests such as the Hon. Alexis Jeffers and leader of the opposition Hon. Joseph Parry.

Hon. Alexis Jeffers handing out certificates of participation

The third and fourth form students from various secondary schools across Nevis gathered to discuss the long-term care for the elderly at Nevis’ Flamboyant Nursing Home, following a period of research where the students would have visited the nursing home on three different occasions to gain firsthand experience and knowledge.

Lekiah Lescott of the Charlestown Secondary School led the debate for the government’s side, identifying herself as the Minister of Health. She focused on the physical and mental health of residents at the Flamboyant Nursing Home and noted that there is need for continued advancement and success of the nursing home.

Delcia Burke of the Gingerland Secondary School spoke as the Leader of the Opposition and focused on the need for skilled nurses at the health facility.

Hon. Jospeh Parry handing out certificates of participation

Following the sitting the Hon. Josepy Parry presented the students on the government side with certificates of participation while the Hon. Alexis Jeffers presented certificates for the opposition side.

President of the Nevis Island Assembly the Hon. Farrell Smithen made some closing remarks to the chambers.

“I want to thank the Principals of both high schools for their participation and their encouragement in getting the children. And this year is the first year I’ve had so many children and this speaks volume for you as young Parliamentarians. I want you to continue as long as you can. Most of the children here are in 4th and a few are in 3rd form and so it gives me the opportunity to have them maybe for another year,” she said.

The experience that they would have gained here and the experience that they would gain going to the regional conference in St. Kitts will do well for this up being. And I’m saying too that they’ll go up the ladder including LIDC the Leeward Island Debating Competition and you saw last time what Nevis was able to do. Those three persons would have passed through the Youth Parliament.”

Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday in March each year and the 2017 theme is a Peace Building Commonwealth.