By Kenneth Williams

Freddie McGregor, the internationally acclaimed, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and music producer has scorned the way American Airlines treats it customers. “They see us as a boarding pass and that’s all,” he told The Observer in an exclusive interview last Friday (October 19).

The Jamaican born artist detailed his problem: “I am going to Nevis to do this Freedom Concert which is to take place today October 19. My host Mr. Mark Brantley had planned to host a cocktail for me and the group yesterday but, I was stuck in Puerto Rico.”

Mr. McGregor said his flight was scheduled to leave Jamaica at 6:40 am on Thursday. “This means I was up before 4:00 am,” he said.

The plane was late. He arrived in Miami at 9 o’clock and was to depart on a 10:40 am flight to San Juan.

After several delays that airplane was taken out of service. He was put on a flight which left Miami at 4:30 pm.

Upon his arrival in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mr. McGregor and his 15-member group rushed to an American Airlines service desk and requested that American Airlines communicate to Eagle and get them on a flight to St. Kitts. The American Eagle flight was still on the ground and had available seats.

“The agent did not try to help, they did not try to understand what the problem was. We are just a boarding pass to them. I spend a lot of money on American Airlines. We take our obligation seriously,” he said.

McGregor said he requested to speak to a supervisor and that it was only when the supervisor took time to listen that he understood what the problem was.

“I had the same problem in Trinidad recently and it became a big thing in the media there,” McGregor said.

They think that part of the problem with American Airlines is that employees do not want to make decisions. “Supervisors and managers are supposed to make decisions. In our case we have a contract to perform in Nevis and if the concert was Thursday night we wouldn’t have been able to keep our obligation. There were things planned for us in Nevis on Thursday night but we were stuck on American Airline”.

McGregor ended by saying American Airline need to pay attention to us and the reason why we fly.