NIA announces study opportunity in Morocco

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NIA announces study opportunity in Morocco

From the NIA

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – The following is an announcement from the Ministry of Human Resources in the Nevis Island Administration for study opportunities in Morocco, North Africa:

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA), Ministry of Human Resources, is pleased to inform that the government of Morocco is offering 20 scholarships for people wishing to enroll in the Moroccan public institutions of higher, technical and vocational education for the academic year of 2018/2019. Moroccan scholarships offer study for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in Africa.

The deadline for applications to reach the Ministry of Human Resources is July 30. For more detailed information, visit the links below or contact the NIA, Ministry of Human Resources, at 469-5521,extension 5163/4. 

  • www.amci.la/lcf.pdf
  • www.amci.ma/fcf.pdf
  • www.amci.ma
  • www.diplomatie.ma
  • www.enssup.gov.ma
  • www.men.gov.ma
  • www.ofppt.ma
  • www.ma2e.com
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