Dear Editor

On Sunday, May 6th 2007, while walking along the Nevis Island Main Road, at about 7p.m., I was almost struck by a vehicle traveling at a speed of approximately 100 – 150 miles per hour.

This was not on any empty stretch of the island main road, but on a heavy-traffic area between Ram’s Supermarket and Horsfords’ Shopping Complex.

The car, followed by another racing at the same speed, proceeded to overtake cars as it approached Horsfords, even though there is clearly a bend in the road at Horsfords, where he could not tell if there was traffic coming in the opposite direction, heading towards town.

It so happened that there was a line of cars coming towards town, and these cars had to “mash brakes” in order to allow the racers to fly through the small space between them and the cars being overtaken.

If an accident had occurred, a number of drivers, as well as pedestrians, would have been killed.

I am Nevisian by birth but reside in St. Kitts, and I must say that EVERYTIME I come to Nevis, which is about every few weeks, my safety is threatened by these reckless drivers.

Nevisians are aware that there is a racing culture in Nevis. Cars are modified with computers, electronics and parts which are specifically for racing, allowing them to reach speeds which are irresponsible and dangerous, on our small island main road.

Therefore, we must ask the following questions:

(1)   Why are cars with these parts being allowed to pass inspection and licensing?

(2)   Why are Nevisians not complaining to their Government officials about the constant                                  racing? Are we waiting on someone to die?

(3)   What is the Police response? Are they waiting on someone to die?

Before the person who dies turns out to be my family, or yours, let us demand a response from the Police Department, and the Nevis Island Administration.

A Concerned Citizen