The LED lighting installed along the Long Point road in the Nevis Electricity Company Limited’s Street Lighting Replacement Project.

The ongoing Street Lighting Replacement Project, undertaken by the Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC), is a step which will result in energy efficiency and cost cutting for consumers on the island Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), said at his monthly press conference in the NIA’s Cabinet Room at Pinney’s Estate Oct. 31

“NEVLEC has now started its LED [light-emitting diode] roll-out, where we will be changing all of the streetlights in Nevis to LED lighting. That I think is a quantum leap forward for Nevis because it leads to energy efficiency, consuming less,” Mr. Brantley, who is also the Minister of Public Utilities and Energy, said.“It is likely to have a positive impact on our fuel surcharge because many of you may know, some may not know, that all the lights burning around Nevis through the night we pay for it through the fuel surcharge so if less electricity is being consumed, it means therefore that we are likely to see less being paid by us in terms of our households and our businesses.”

Mr. Brantley noted every area on the island will benefit from the programme, with the Island Main Road and Charlestown being the initial target areas. So far, installation has been completed along the Long Point Road.

“NEVLEC has invested in two bucket trucks to better enable it to do this and I believe the entire port road has already been done… So, the LED lights are going to be all across Nevis. We are told we have the first 2,500 delivered out of a total that we expect of close to 5,000, I think, and that those will allow us enough lights to have at least one on every other pole throughout the length and breadth of Nevis, not just the main road but the villages and everywhere else,” he said.“Also, as part of this project we are hoping to change out the lights at the playfields, that they too should become LED lighting in order to save electricity. This I think, environmentally, is a good step forward for Nevis, and I would want to commend NEVLEC, the manager Mr. Pultie and his team.”

The Premier said the public had been approaching the administration for additional lighting in various communities, but due to a decision to discontinue utilising the old lights it has taken some time to resolve the matter.

“We have taken a strategic decision that we would not buy any of the old lights anymore and so, for the last 1½ weeks NEVLEC did not buy any of the old lights, because we knew that this project was due to come on stream,” he said.“It took a little longer than anticipated but we are now on stream, and I thank all who have been involved — the CDB [Caribbean Development Bank], the Federal Government and of course NEVLEC for now engaging in that. I think it is a very positive step for Nevis, and certainly I am very proud that we are embarking on that particular step.”

The Premier urge motorists to exercise caution at nights in areas where the LED lights are being installed.