Prostate milking is advantageous to individuals, however it should be done in the right way with proper care. Here are some instructions and more information on Prostate massage.

The prostate is a very important part of the male reproductive system. The main function of the prostate is to secrete the slightly alkaline fluid that constitutes around ten to thirty percent of the seminal fluid. This seminal fluid along with spermatozoa is the main constituents of semen. The prostate of the human is located just below the urinary bladder and is surrounding the urethra.

Uses of Prostate Milking:

Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, is majorly used for medical and clinical purposes. It is used to reduce the pressure on the prostate by milking it. This process is sometimes termed as prostate milking. Prostate massage is used as a preventive medical treatment for chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Disadvantages and Dangers of Prostate Massage/Milking:

There are several health risks associated with Prostate massage. Therefore, it should always be carried out in the right manner. For example, vigorous prostate massage in cases of individuals suffering from an acute prostatitis may lead to a particular type of gangrene, called Fournier’s Gangrene or local cellulite. Vigorous prostate massage can also cause septicaemia, a kind of blood poisoning, hemorrhoidal flareup and even the transfer of prostate cancer into other parts of the body in some individuals.

Though Prostate massage has been found to be useful in draining out the sequestered secretions in an inflamed prostate, no additional benefit was seen in adding prostate massage to the use of antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis. A gentle prostate massage has been known to relieve hemorrhoids and fissures in the prostate. There is a change of a vigorous massage of the prostate resulting in the tearing of the short segment of the urethra that lies just below the prostate and at the beginning of the penile urethra, which is termed as membranous urethra.

Inappropriate prostate massages can cause the pushing back of the normal urethral flora into the epididymis and the epididiymitis. Also, proper care should be taken while carrying out a prostate milking, because if done incorrectly, it can actually damage many sensitive nerves and tissues that reside on the head of the prostate gland.

Carrying out a prostate milking and massage:

Normally, a prostate massager is used during a prostate massage. However, one can carry out a prostate massage without any external device, except a latex glove. Here is the procedure for carrying out a Prostate Massage:

Visit the bathroom and ensure that the bladder as well as the bowels is cleaned out thoroughly. One should maintain physical hygiene before carrying out a Prostate milking and prostate massage. For example, one should ensure that their fingertips and fingernails are clean.

Cover your hand with a sterile latex glove. Make sure that you use a lubricant, preferably a water based lubricant. One should then assume a position that would they would be comfortable in. Just keep in mind whether you can reach your prostate gland with your gloved hand.

Then, one has to gently insert their fingers into their anus, till they reach the prostate gland. The prostate gland is near about the size of a walnut. One will have to move their hands along the rectum wall and will reach the prostate while they move their hand towards their belly button.

Once the prostate gland is located, one can massage it gently on both sides. Care should be taken that one should not massage the top of the prostate gland, because it has several sensitive nerves which may cause problems for the individual.

After a few moments, the prostate gland will be stimulated enough to contract, causing it to secrete the prostate fluid.

Prostate massage is good for the health, but it comes with its own set of disadvantages when it is done in the wrong way. Therefore, one should always consult their doctors before carrying out a prostate massage.