CALIFORNIA, U.S. – The US state of California is often connected to the wealth of Beverly Hills and the glamour of Hollywood. But a recent study conducted by U.S. News has revealed that California had the worst the quality of life in America.

The study showed that California ranks lowest among U.S. states in quality of life, even behind New Jersey and Indiana.

California was also ranked low in other sub-categories on the survey, which included environmental quality and social engagement which measured voting participation and community bonds.

According to U.S. News, Californians scored poorly in part because they’re “simply insufferable.”

In a blurb accompanying the results, the magazine wrote, “In addition to a healthy environment, a person’s quality of life is largely a result of their interactions with those around them.”

The researchers explained that one way to measure quality life is whether residents can even afford to have a roof over their heads.It pointed out that by that standard, California is believed to be failing.

The study ranked each state in seven other areas.

The categories were based on a survey that determined their importance to the public and included health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, and fiscal stability.

It further commented on California’s budget and said that the state does have a balanced budget under Gov. Jerry Brown but pointed out that the Standard & Poor’s rating agency recently warned that the good times won’t last.

The report by the agency had stated, “California’s finances are roaring back. History would suggest, however, that any fiscal renaissance will be temporary.”

Standard & Poor’s further said that if the stock market shifts from gains to losses, the budget could be negatively impacted in a major way because about half of the state’s revenue comes from the wealthiest 1 percent in California.

In the category of fiscal stability, California was ranked 43rd, in opportunity, the state was ranked 46th and 38 in infrastructure.

However, when it came to healthcare, economy and and crime and corrections, the state scored relatively high marks, ranking 11th, 4th and 28th accordingly.

Among all U.S. states overall, California ranked 32nd, behind New York (25th), New Jersey (19th), and Florida (15th).

Meanwhile, in the category of infrastructure and healthcare, Iowa ranked high, scoring the top spot overall.