Trio in Trouble: Decline in S. American Leaders Popularity

                                                 Sebastian Pinera
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro isn’t the only South Ameiican leader with a popularity problem. The heads of government in Chile and Brazil are in trouble with their people.
People”s support for Chilean President Sebastian Piñera”s performance has dropped to 29 percent over the past week, according to a survey published by Plaza Publica on Monday.

The poll by the consulting firm Cadem, which is considered benevolent with the government, shows Piñera with 29 percent, for the second time with the lowest popularity during his term, as he got a similar result in a survey on June 21.

Meanwhile, rejection of the president remained at 58 percent, as well as in previous weeks, with opinions against his non-compliance with his promises.

However, in this survey by Plaza Publica, the lowest popularity rate went to Education Minister Marcela Cubillos, due to the bad way in which she handled the strike by the College of Professors, which is the second longest strike in the country’s educational sector and has lasted 50 days.


             Jair Bolsonaro
In Brazil 6 out of 10 Brazilians say they do not know a positive measure by new President Jair Bolsonaro in the first six months of his administration, according to the Datafolha Institute survey published Monday.

The percentage of people who declared that they did not see any positive action from the Government is even greater among women and the northeast of the country.

When asked about what the far-right politician, who took power on January 1, did better during the period assessed, 39 percent said nothing. Another 19 did not know how to respond.

According to Datafolha, the proportion of those who do not highlight any positive action of the Government (nothing) rises to 45 percent among women; 46 of the respondents from the northeast and 52 from those faithful to the Afro-Brazilian religions.

Of those interviewed who said they voted for Bolsonaro in the second round of the October elections, 17 percent felt that they did not see anything positive thing in the Executive’s actions.

Weapons decree are among the bad initiatives, mentioned by 21 percent of those interviewed. The rejection is greater among black people (25) and among those who evaluate the government as bad or lousy (27).

The unpopular reform of the retirement and pension system (12 percent) and the public image (nine) are also in the list of bad initiatives.The latter includes statements deemed unnecessary, use of offensive words, stance towards children and political articulation.