How do you forgive? There a just a few simple things you must consider:

1. Nothing in the past

can be undone

Restitution can be made for past events, such as replacing property stolen or fixing items broken, but you can not undo the fact that the situation occurred. You need to let go of the past by understanding it has no meaning for what you are trying to accomplish today. You can learn from the past, but you can’t live there. Let it go. It will only hold you back.

Your future and the future of those around you do not have to be based upon the past. Think of your grown children. At some point you must forget how you viewed them in the past or you will always view and treat them as a child. Just as you release the past for your children to accept them as grown adults today, you must release the past for those that hurt you and treat them as unblemished today. If you let go of the past, forgiveness is automatic.

2. The future can not be controlled

Promises are our way of creating bonds with loved ones and business partners, but how shallow and how pointless are these promises when we realize that there is no way we can guarantee what the future may hold. We can’t control the future. We can’t control what we promised it would be. If our promises are not kept, we are both at fault for having believed the future could be controlled in some way.

Make goals; have dreams; have expectations, but don’t cast blame when things don’t unfold as planned. There should be nothing to forgive because you are both equally wrong for having put faith in such expectations. Learn from it, grow from it, plan for it, but never cast blame. Just keep moving forward.

3. Today is all that matters

Having set aside guilt or hatred from the past and not allowing yourself to be stressed or affected by events that may or may not happen in the future, Today is the most wonderful and beautiful day of your life. Your ability to think, feel and appreciate will grow to levels you never dared dream, and the peace of living will return to you. Life is not stressful once you’ve let go of the past and stopped looking so far into your future. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never happen. Live for today. It’s the only place you’ll ever be and it’s all that matters.