Soca Artist at Press Event

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-With the growth of soca over the years in St. Kitts and Nevis, people have wondered why more have not graced the stage of the international soca monarch in Trinidad and Tobago to battle with some of the region’s top soca artists.

After a successful Sugar Mas 44, where he captured the Soca Monarch Groovy title, Nicha B ventured to Trinidad and Tobago and participated in the Semi Finals of the International Soca Monarch in 2015 with his popular song ‘Can’t Wait’.

Despite a credible performance, he failed to progress to the finals. However, it was widely believed that he had paved the way for many soca performers in St. Kitts and Nevis to ply their trade on one of soca”s biggest stage.

Speaking at a press event last week some soca artists who released songs or participated in Sugar Mas 45 expressed interest in following in Nicha B’s footsteps.

The man who unseated Nicha B as Groovy Soca Monarch Rucas H.E admitted he has enquired about and is trying to make plans to participate in the International Soca Monarch.

“I do have plans of trying to get to the International Soca Stage. I am asking questions now to see how best we can get that worked out. Persons have been encouraging me to do it and that has given me an extra drive to actually go and make sure I get the necessary information I need to get on that stage for 2017,” he said.

First Runner up Dejour said he is not a full time soca artist but would like to visit the twin island republic.

“As Alkaline said ‘conquer the world’ and Trinidad is the pinnacle and so I have to go there,” he declared.

Female soca sensation Shanna said she visited in Trinidad in November and was on multiple radio stations to promote her music and had promised bigger plans later this year in that country.

“I have greater plans for Trinidad some of which I don’t want to say as yet, but I will be doing some more work in Trinidad. I will be going back for carnival,” she said.

Stadics said he has been an admirer and described having an opportunity to grace the International Soca Monarch stage is a “blessing.”

“I would love to be loud and proud in Trinidad! I have been looking at videos and contacting people and trying to get out there. I am hoping for 2017, it will be a blessing to be on that stage or even for vacation,” he said.

KT one half of the LAX and KT duo also said the pair are trying to get to Trinidad.

“We are currently working on our video that will probably out in time for the Trinidad Carnival and hopefully we can go out there and represent for St. Kitts and Neivs,” he said.