Jet Ski


A 40-year-old tourist on a cruise drowned Wednesday, Aug. 31, after he fell from a Jet-Ski he was riding at Reggae Beach on the South East Peninsula.

Information reaching The Observer indicated the tragedy occurred while the tourist was with fellow cruise passengers when he apparently lost control of the Jet-Ski and fell into the water and drowned.

Efforts by people on the beach and the occupants of a boat to rescue the struggling man failed, according to eyewitnesses. The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responded to the scene and arrived as the victim was pulled from the water. Their efforts to save the man’s life failed and he was pronounced dead at Joseph N. France Hospital, police said. It was unclear if the tourist was wearing a life jacket when the incident occurred or what safety systems were in effect at the time.

Sources told The Observer the victim was in the company of a friend and was a passenger on a cruise ship that was docked at the port at the time of the drowning. The Police Public Relations office confirmed that the man drowned at the location around 3 p.m. Wednesday. Police could not confirm if the deceased was wearing a life jacket and said a full statement would be issued later.