(Basseterre, St. Kitts) – Members of the general public and in particular customers of the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis who have any queries and complaints as it relates to the bank’s operations and procedures are now in an advantaged position following the establishment of a customer service hotline.

According to the bank’s Manager for Human Resources and Marketing, Marva Burroughs, the hotline was unveiled last week in the interest of up-scaling customer service. A banner featuring the toll free number is displayed in the main banking hall at the St. Kitts office on Church Street in Basseterre, while a similar banner will be displayed in the Nevis branch office shortly.

“The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis is embarking on improving its customer service drive,” observed Burroughs. “We have taken on the task of implementing a hotline so that the customer’s voice could be heard. This hotline seeks to take in questions, queries, and complaints of clients as it relates to service and service providing, and facilities.”

The toll free hotline, 1 800 534 2288, which is housed in Human Resource and Marketing Department, is solely for customer service queries and complaints. During office hours a member of staff has been assigned to receive all the incoming calls following which they would be directed to the appropriate departments for the relevant answers.

All calls to this number, observed Burroughs, would be taped and monitored for quality. She pointed out that depending on the nature of the query, there are timeframes for which each query should be answered saying that a turnaround time should be within twenty four hours by which time the customer should have some answer to his or her complaint.

The hotline number will be featured on the bank’s print paraphernalia, the quarterly reports, and brochures and to also include the ad in the local telephone directory. The bank places regular adverts in the media and according to the Manager for Marketing, anywhere they have ads going out they will be placing the customer service hotline number because they need to hear the voice of the client.

“A few customers would have called us wanting to have certain aspects of their dealing with the bank clarified,” commented Burroughs. “That is why we launched this feature solely so that we get a better understanding of what our clients needs are, what their complaints are, and so they do not be lost in the system. The overall aim is to improve service and make our customers satisfied and happy.”

She assured members of the public that when they make the call they will talk not to an automated machine, but to a person. But if they call outside of the office hours, they will be able to leave a message and a number where they could be reached later, but even if they forget to leave a number the line is equipped with caller id capabilities so the bank will be able call them back.

The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis (DBSKN) was establishment by an Act of Parliament NO. 1 of 1981. The Act was further amended in April of 1983 by Parliament.

It is wholly owned by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, but it is fully autonomous and operates independently with a Board of Directors, General Manager, and a team of staff members. It falls under the direct responsibility of the Minister of Finance, with the Bank’s Manager having direct responsibilities for the day to day administration of the Bank.

The Development Bank is organised to provide financial and general credit services, for the purpose of achieving a reasonable rate of return on shareholders equity consistent with prudent risk exposure and the development objectives of the Institution.

It is primarily involved in lending to the following sectors: Tourism Related Ventures, Agro- industry, Manufacturing sectors, Agriculture, Education, and Housing. DBSKN also provides various types of short, medium-term loans, for personal development and Business Support Services for clients.