Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Tuesday, August 9, 2016Caribbean Lottery is determined to positively change the lives of the members of our society beyond individual winnings through their numerous games. The company’s philanthropic efforts are widespread, ranging from donations for the implementation of a solar lit bus shed on the island and supplementing educational needs, particularly those of our youth.  In fulfilling its social responsibility, Caribbean Lottery selects projects with the greatest need or impact to the community and has dedicated time and treasure to ensure that these areas are adequately supported.

Among the concerns of the lottery company is the safety and management of road traffic, especially for users of public transportation. The company’s participation in Adopt a Stop St. Kitts and Nevis is the company’s attempt to create safe, environmentally friendly bus shelters that cater to the needs of individuals while indirectly assisting with the constant flow of traffic. With over twenty shelters already constructed, the solar panel bus shelters have successfully protected public transportation users from harmful weather conditions while providing lighting at night. The location and features of the bus shelters have also resulted in commuters remaining in their designated areas rather than impede traffic.

Beyond this, Caribbean Lottery has also sought to fulfil its mandate to assist in the development of the country by encouraging economic activity and promoting tourism. The company was a recent sponsor of the St. Kitts Music Festival which was held from June 23-25, 2016. In keeping with the objective of the festival, Caribbean Lottery recognized that this event created an avenue to promote the cultural and musical tradition of the island while encouraging tourism during the low season. The company’s sponsorship of the event sought to ensure not only its sustainability but also the development of this summer experience.

Caribbean Lottery has also taken special interest in supporting society’s most vulnerable, our youth.  Two years ago, the company opened an After School Advantage Centre at St. Christopher Children’s Home while giving them support in additional areas. The centre is a fully equipped computer lab which is continually maintained by staff volunteers on a monthly basis. Further, Caribbean Lottery has also sought to ensure that the children at the home have the required tools to sustain their educational needs by providing EC$3000 to purchase school books for the 2015-16 academic year.

Further, Caribbean Lottery’s commitment to nation building has also been demonstrated in their sponsorship of the Junior Achievement programme, operated locally by the St. Kitts Chamber of Commerce. The Junior Achievement programme is a worldwide non-profit programme which seeks to empower young people by educating them about the value of free enterprise, business and economics. Caribbean Lottery donated EC$5,000 to the organization which facilitated the participation of over 650 primary and secondary school students in the programme last year.

Jacqueline James, Corporate Counsel and Senior Manager with Caribbean Lottery™ parent company’s Antilles business unit, spoke to Caribbean Lottery’s outreach activities: “It is very important for IGT through our subsidiaries to contribute in a meaningful way to the communities in which we operate.”

She continued: “Culture and youth are two vital aspects of the society in St. Kitts and we are pleased that we are able to partner with stakeholders to empower the youth and support the vibrant culture in St. Kitts.”