Story courtesy of  Winston Crooke

(Nevis) – For racer Matt Brown, revenge was sweet at the second Atlantic View Mountain Bike Race.

On Feb. 10, 17 MTB bikes at the turned out for the sophomore event.

Mr. Brow,n of the Kansas-based High Gear racing team, took the top spot after finishing second a week before. As for Reggie Douglas who finished first on Feb. 3, , he just did not have it in his legs to go with Matt, who had stormed away to open up the gap on the 10the lap to 2 minutes. Reggie, however, was not giving up and was fighting hard, managing to bring the gap down to 1 min 30 sec, but couldn’t do it.

Reggie lost the race by 3min 15 second. Alex Isles took third place with a fierce ride, showing that he is returning to his earlier form, even after technical problems had sidelined him. He came fighting back with a time of 1:14:37.

On the ladies’ side, Stephanie Brown also came back from last week to beat Kristina Stoney, who had beaten her last week. Stephanie was on fire with a course time of 1:16:32 for the 10 laps.

In the Masters male category, the burgeoning duel between Frank Ashley and Gordon ‘Doc’ Avery had more fuel added to the fire, with Frank taking the top spot again over Gordon Avery with a time of 1:07:24 for seven laps.

The Newcastle Development Squad was there to play, and they played hard, taking the two top Junior spots, Dion Clarke was first with a time of 1:00:01 for 7 laps and 12 yr old Asim Chapman, who did not do so well the last time, came in second with a time 1:03:46, posting a faster time than last week, this just shows Asim is getting more confident and stronger. Third place was Veare Majeed in a time of 1:03:56.