The Nevisian public is thrilled by the news that the drilling activity which is taking place has found good evidence of ground water.

This is exciting news to the people of Nevis, who for the better part of the past century have suffered from the lack of water for their domestic use.

The lack of a good and stable water supply has long been a bone of contention among Nevisians. In our frustration at the empty water taps, we once blamed the St. Kitts Government for not providing us with a sustainable supply of this life sustaining liquid.

Since the achievements of local Government, the water issue has become the direct concern of the Nevis Island Administration and the performance of successive administrations has been judged by their effectiveness to deliver to the people of Nevis a supply of water than can match the pace of our rapid economic development.

Over the years of its modern thrust, various Governments have given themselves credit for the occasional breakthrough and Nevis has been able to develop with the sporadic fortunes of its water culture.

The more modern Nevis requires more than the historical instability of our water system and we thank BEADS for daring to explore the earth and congratulate them for striking water at last.

We are confident that once they strike water in one spot, they will find water everywhere.

As Nevisians congratulate ourselves on the joyous and exciting news, we extend our hearty thanks to the local Government of Nevis for their steadfast pursuit of the dream of water and the glorious realization of that dream.

We, Nevisians have much of which to be thankful. In addition to the earth giving up its water, there are other signs of progress which make us happy. The benefits which have come on stream are available to all; improved education, roads and other infra-structure all indicate that Nevisians are capable of running the affairs of Nevis.

We are an educated, intelligent and ambitions people and regardless of what political persuasion we follow, we are appreciative of every improvement brought about by whichever party is in power.