Malcolm Guishard’s status as a man, island friend and political leader was clearly the number one topic in the Federation as hundreds of mourners gathered at the John E. Howell Pavillion to pay final respects to Guishard  who died of an apparent heart attack while swimming last week.

Dr. Denzil Douglas described the 55-year-old leader as ‘a giant of a man in stature and in heart, lighthearted and friendly,’ while the Hon. Joseph Parry called him a man ‘who made no enemies, and who gave as good as he got with no hard feelings.’

Parry added, ‘In his departure, he leaves behind footprints in the sands of time. Quoting Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he said, ‘May flights of angels accompany him to his final rest.’ And former Premier the Hon. Vance Amory said simply, ‘The CCM has lost a stalwart.’

Colin Tyrell called Guishard a ‘jack of all trades’ and noted he was good at fishing, farming, computer technology, business and politics. He also loved and respected young people, said Tyrell.

‘Guish had a palpable passion for the welfare of youth and was tireless in his efforts to provide employment for young people,’ he told those present.

If Guishard loved the people, he received their love back. Throughout the ceremony, the place was filled with applause, whistles and shouts from the audience.

Parry said, ‘He was a teacher, a clerk, a man who loved people…he engaged

in discussions of all kinds with great gusto and used his big voice to

overpower his opponents if he could not win with facts.’

Parry noted that Guishard provided 15 acres of land at Pinneys Estate with a

600-foot beachfront for the people of Nevis. In fact, he said, it is the

‘only spot on Pinneys Beach that is not in private hands where Nevisians can

enjoy themselves unintimidated and undisturbed.’

The Honourable Sam Condor, acting prime minister in the federal government,

called Guishard ‘honourable,’ and said his service was balanced with

compassion and firmness, with a good grounding in understanding of human


Said Condor, ‘I saw him as a Christian gentleman, loyal to his principles

and convictions, courageous in stating them, with no rancour toward those

who disagreed with him. We knew him as one who placed his talent at the

disposal of the people and who served with genuine concern in whatever post

was entrusted to him.’

Guishard died after complaining of shortness of breath while on his regular

morning swim. Friends called paramedics and he was rushed to the hospital

where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Condor summed up Guishard’s political life by saying ‘he was known by his

fellow politicians as a politician who was engaged in the art of government,

service and self-giving.’

Dwyer Astaphan said he has still not recovered from the shock of Guishard’s


He also said Guishard was the kind of man you could disagree with on issues

and still respect.

‘I am prouod to have lived in the same time as him,’ said Astaphan. ‘I am

prooud to have been able tocount him as a friend and brother and to have

known him’

Other tributes were voiced by the Hon. Mark Brantley, Ms. Helen Kidd and Dr.

Henry Browne, with the eulogy being delivered by Tyrell.

Others present included the Governor General His Excellency Sir Cuthbert

Sebastian, Deputy Governor General His Honour Eustace John, members of the

Nevis Island Government, members of the federal government, top civil

servants and their families.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, of which Guishard was a member, conducted the