Forty-year-old Chesney Prentice, in photo at right, was found dead on Monday, June 18 in his backyard, hanging from a rope. He was found by his mother who had gone on a usual early morning visit to his home.

Maudlyn Prentice, Chesney’s sister, who said she saw him last on Sunday afternoon, told The Observer that her mother notified her of the incident after he was found hanging from an electrical cord in his backyard.

“My mother usually checks up on him every morning. When she went this morning, she called, there was no answer. She went into the house and called. No answer. She went further to the backyard and saw him hanging.

“Immediately, she called me to the scene,” the bereaved sister said.

The grieved mother, Monica Prentice who described her son as an easy going person explained that her survival of the shock of his son’s tragic death, was a divine intervention.

“I called him because every morning I do that. This time, I didn’t hear no answer. Then I went on to the back. I happen to look up and there I saw this cord suspending my son”

I was shocked. I shook him, but he was dead.  I quickly ran to call Maudlyn. Everyone was shocked, but I talked to Jesus” she said

“It was God, If not for him, i dont know what could have happened to me but i know he will see me through” She added.

Superintendent of Police, Mr. Joseph Liburd confirmed to The Observer, that Chesney was found hanging at the time police arrived at the scene.

“At about 7.00am, the police was called to the scene. Chesney was found hanging by an electrical rope that hung from the ceiling in his home.”

Liburd said he was transferred to Elliot Funeral Home after being pronounced dead by a resident doctor.

Chesney, aka “Ketneya” resided in Gingerland and worked at the Golden Rock Hotel. He was survived by 3 brothers and 6 sisters. Burial arrangement is scheduled for today, Friday, June 22.