Hollywood walks free

Popular icon, Andrew ‘Hollywood’ Nisbett who was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge has been found not guilty and acquitted.  Nisbett walked free on another charge in November 2006. The incident allegedly occurred in Gingerland a year and half ago.

Dr. Henry Browne, said in the first trial the jury did not agree that “Hollywood” was guilty of anything and he got a hung jury.

The case came up for trial for a second time in April 2007 when Dr. Browne represented Hollywood.

According to Browne, the prosecuting attorney said he was not proceeding with the case and when the observer asked Dr. brown why the government counsel were not proceeding, he responded“You must ask them because they had no case in the first instance”

The case entered nolle prosequi and Hollywood was discharged and acquitted.

In a later development, Trevis Byron who was charged with murder has been discharged.

Trevis Bryon who was represented by himself and Hesketh Benjamin had his case submitted by Dr .Brown  Henry. After submission of the case, the learned Judge- Justice Octave lightwood agreed with the submission and Trevis was discharged.

In a related outcome, on April 26, the jury of 12 returned 2 verdicts in relation to Jawel Jeffers of Hamilton’s Estate who was charged with “grievous bodily harm” against Randy Flanders. After the trial, the jury, within 1 hour returned the verdict of not guilty of both grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding and was acquitted on both charges. The lawyers for the government were Miss crown counsel Bullen and crown counsel Benjamin while Jawel Jeffers was represented by Dr. Brown and Mr. Hesketh Benjamin.