Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 10, 2016, 2015 (RSCNPF):  Just weeks after being put in service, the new K-9 unit of Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force has contributed to the success of the ongoing search operations being under taken to rid our communities of illegal firearms, drugs and other instruments that can be used in the commission of crimes.

“The canines and their handlers are routinely integrated into the search operations being conducted in our communities”,  said, Head of the Anti-Drug Unit, Inspector Travis Rogers.

Inspector Rogers added, “we have seen success with the detection of drugs and ammunition during search operations.” The Inspector added, “one search stands out for me,  because it shows how capable our dogs are”.  In that search a quantity of marijuana was found by one of the dogs. Rogers said, “what stood out for me, was that the drug was found in a basket of wet laundry, and was in the pocket of a pair of pants. It was clear, that the drug was washed, it was amazing that after interacting with the detergent, and going through a wash cycle our dog still grabbed the scent.”

On another search operation, “one of the dogs found a magazine with ammunition in a yard  adjacent to a property being searched,” said Inspector Rogers.  He added, “It is this kind of success that builds optimism amongst our team that the dogs are a great addition and is money well spent by Government and we will continue to vigorously use the K-9 units in the fight to rid our Federation of illegal substances, firearms and ammunition.”

The team of 6 canines was sourced from and trained by “Dog Detectives” a United Kingdom based company.   The K-9 unit and their handlers participated in a eight week vigorous training program here in the Federation.