Permanent Secretary Stanley Knight Hails Success Of CPL Thus Far And Foresees A Successful Semi-Finals And Finals

Permanent Secretary Stanley Knight (Left) is welcomed to the programme by Host Lesroy Williams (Right)

Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 08, 2016 (SKNIS): Coming hot on the heels of the St. Kitts Music Festival, the Hero CPL T20 cricket has managed to keep the entertainment atmosphere buzzing in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Speaking on the Government programme “Working for You” on July 6th, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Stanley Knight, highlighted the announcement of St. Kitts and Nevis placing a successful bid of U.S $1.2 million dollars to host the semi-finals and finals. He spoke of some economic returns that will come about as a result of winning the bid.

“We get twenty-five percent of the gate receipts from the semi-finals and finals, rental of the stadium, vendor revenue and an overall impact on the economy.”

In 2015 CPL recorded approximately 17 million viewers across the entire world, Mr. Knight said, and added that “the viewership is expected to expand with the initiation of deals in Canada, U.K, U.S, The Far East, Middle East and Africa.” He said that with the increase in media value, the finals is expected to experience a peak in viewership.

“The media value increases and one of the reasons for that is, the lights on our facility are the best lights in the region. They are modern LED lights which allow for a much higher quality broadcast.”

Recording his disappointment in the matches lost by the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Mr. Knight said that an accumulation of the suggestions from supporters of the team could possibly see the SKN Patriots emerging victorious in the future.

Responding to a comment on the “nail-biting” losses, he said, “If we were somehow able to bottle the opinions of some of our spectators, lovers of the game and persons who are passionate about the game, I think the Patriots will definitely find the essence to win all of those close games.”

Mr. Knight gave commendation to the Department of Sports, whom he said invested approximately “half of a million dollars in terms of getting the facility ready for the games.” However, Mr. Knight made it distinctly clear that the investment is not specific to CPL but rather for the long term maintenance of the facility. “While that seems like a large investment it is not just for the preparation of CPL but it is to ensure that the stadium continues in a state of preparedness for anything that comes along.”

The permanent secretary recounted praises sung by commentators during the Guyana versus Trinidad match, who credited the Government for the fantastic conditions of the stadium and grounds at Warner Park. In that vein of commendation, the permanent secretary used the opportunity to express gratitude to all persons working in the Department of Sports, the events management team, volunteers and security.

With the “Biggest Party in Sports” just four weeks away with the semi-finals scheduled to be played between August 3 to August 5 and the finals on August 7 in St. Kitts, the permanent secretary said, “If your passion is sports, if your passion is cricket, follow your heart to St. Kitts.”


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