Story courtesy of the Nevis Humane Society

The Friends of the ARK is a group of volunteer individuals who work toward the protection and welfare of all animals on Nevis. The society raises funds to provide assistance to injured, abandoned, orphaned and sick animals, promotes education on the treatment and care of animals, cooperates with government officials to advocate for and enforce animal welfare laws, and works toward the long term goals of building an animal shelter and purchasing a mobile veterinary. Donations and application for membership can be made to P.O. Box 350 Charlestown, Nevis. Volunteers are always in great demand and very welcome. Please visit our new website at for additional information and many interesting helpful articles pertaining to animal care and animals on Nevis.  Our emergency line available 24 hours daily is 762-HELP (4347).

We were very dismayed to learn the government feed store has given notice they will no longer be selling dog food. We have received numerous complaints and have made an urgent request that the Minister of Trade reverse the decision as most Nevisians can not afford the higher cost of food sold at the supermarkets. Our society is not supported in any way by government and we hope they will listen to our plea for help on this vital issue.



Jesse- is a neutered female about 1 year old looking for a loving home. She is currently being fostered, loves people and gets along well with other dogs. She is a very attractive tan dog with white on her broad chest and paws.

Male and female Siblings about 1 year old

Rescued the puppies about 8 months ago from a farm where they were starving by a medical student and who will be leaving the island and moving regularly for 2 years after during his clerkships so cannot take them with him.  The dogs, Dee Dee and Rasty, are in excellent health, but they are still a bit skittish as the result of their traumatic childhood. Rasty weighs about 40 pounds and Dee Dee about 30.


Pup Pup is a gorgeous 3 month old puppy with 2 vaccines and worming in place. He is a great watchdog and gets along great with all other animals including livestock. He is a quick learner and already house trained. He is a bit skittish with people due to being abandoned as a bag of bones, but likes them and is learning to trust them.

Pictures for the above animals are available upon request.