Police uprooted 3,580 marijuana plants during operations in the Phillips Mountain area during operations on Jan. 2. The plants ranged in size from seedlings to 8 feet and were taken into police custody. No arrests were made, but the investigation continues.

Denzil “Bogo” Williams of Sandy Point was charged on Jan. 3 for allegedly shooting and wounding Ambrose Buchanan, who was struck in the forearm. The incident occurred Jan. 2 at Bouncing Hill.

On Jan. 3, police in the Sandy Point area located a vehicle that was reported missing on Dec. 31, 2007. The vehicle, a five-door maroon Mitsubishi Lancer belonging to Ms. Marvis Barrate, was found at Sir Gillies Estate at Sandy Point. The vehicle was partially stripped, with four tires, tie rod joints, starter, alternator, battery, radiator, fan belt, carburetor, air conditioner and the steering wheel taken. Police are asking anyone with information about this crime to contact the Frigate Bay Police Station at 465-6899.

On Jan. 3, police arrested and charged Lavern Flemming and a 14-year-old juvenile from Newton Ground Village for larceny.

Rinnea Bass of Parry Village was arrested and charged on Jan. 3 for building breaking and larceny. The incident occurred on Jan. 2.

On Jan. 3, Calvin Warde of Cleverly Hill, Sandy Point, was arrested and charged with unlawful carnal knowledge. The arrest stems from an incident on Dec. 28, 2007.

A security guard was stabbed and several shots were fired during a Jan. 5 robbery in Sandy Point. An unspecified amount of money was taken during the incident, which remains under investigation by authorities.

According to police, Melford “Bar” Richardson, a security guard for the Hong Hing Restaurant, was escorting his employers to their home just after midnight on Jan. 5 following business hours when they were attacked by three masked men. Richardson struggled with one of the men while another fired several shots from a firearm. One of the assailants stabbed Richardson in the arm with a knife before the men took the money and made their escape.

Richardson was treated at the hospital and discharged.

On Jan. 5, police arrested and charged Keith Murray and Damian Murray of Stone Fort for wounding with intent. The arrest stems from an incident that occurred on Dec. 10, 2007.

On Jan. 5, Trevaughn Elliot of Newton Ground Village was arrested and charged with indecent assault. The charge stems from an incident that occurred on Dec. 22, 2007.

Edgar Pennyfeather of Crab Hill, Sandy Point, was arrested and charged with shooting with intent. He was taken into custody on Jan. 5. The charge stems from a Dec. 31 shooting, when Dinelle Adams, 17, of Crab Hill was shot in the back while in her bedroom.

Police uprooted 14 marijuana plants in the Verchilds area during an operation on Jan. 5. The plants ranged in height from one foot to 14 feet. The plants were found on an empty plot of land. No arrests were made in connection with the operation.

Three people were arrested following a police operation in Sandy Point on Jan. 5. Security forces executed search warrants on a number of locations looking for stolen goods, arms, ammunition and controlled drugs. During the operation, cannibas was found. Tishan Veira, Kevington Garvey and Elvadlo Pennyfeather, all of Sandy Point, were charged with possession of cannabis.

An investigation is continuing following a Jan. 6 search by the C.I.D. in the Ponds Pasture area. Authorities conducted a search for firearms, ammunition, controlled drugs, electrical appliances, stolen goods and computer accessories. They recovered one Black and Decker jackhammer, one Challenge Extreme cordless drill, one Nokia cell phone, one digital camera, four Gillette roll-ons and one Guard security double cylinder deadbolt lock.