Press Release

Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place today (20th May) at MoneyGram located at the Shoreline Plaza in downtown Basseterre.

The robbers escaped with an undisclosed sum of money. At the time of the robbery, the staff was preparing to begin operations for the workday.

Police are reviewing security tapes, some of which, they hope, might provide clues to the identity of the gunmen. Both gunmen appear to be young ranging in age anywhere between 25 and 30.

One was wearing a baseball cap, with a Seattle Mariners logo, white shirt and dark long pants. The second robber wore a cap plus sunshades, sneakers, dark clothing and carried a backpack.

Security images will be released to the media and public, after their review by Police. Both the managers of MoneyGram and the Police are asking anyone who may identify these persons to contact the nearest Police Station, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477.

Meanwhile, business operations at MoneyGram have resumed will full service available to all customers.

Management with the support of the Police is taking all necessary precautionary measures.

The wire transfer service provider began operating at its current location in November of 2015, providing services regionally and internationally.