Amba Trott, playwright and author of the book Nonsense in Nevis, on Monday, November 19, 2007 announced the beginning of an anti-noise campaign in Nevis. The announcement was made during the radio program Artistic License which he hosts on CHOICE/FM at 7pm on Mondays.

Trott first remarked that the police in St. Eustatius had started a campaign against noise pollution in that island and he felt that a similar campaign should be mounted in Nevis to combat the increasing surge of loud music and noisy vehicles.

He pointed out that the police in St. Eustatius acted only after a large number of residents voiced their complaints directly to the police and also through the media.

According to Trott “The issue has to be raised at every possible platform, including radio talk-shows, television, newspapers, churches, schools, community centres, etc. So people need to be writing Letters to The Editors, raising the matter with their pastors, school officials, elected representatives, and the police.

“These efforts can be freely undertaken by anyone, but a more cohesive effort must also be taking place at the same time, by a core of people who will plan to produce a series of leaflets, newspaper commentaries, and petitions for supporters to sign.”

Trott asks for anyone interested to contact him at 765-3559