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On the other hand, I Peter 3:7 describes women as the physically “weaker vessel” to whom men must “give honor.” In the six verses prior to this, godly women are described as having “a meek and quiet spirit” hardly what society is producing for role models.

The differences between men and women are not only physical, but exist on the mental and emotional levels as well. Men are more competitive and more aggressive generally willing to take more risks when facing challenges. Women are usually more intuitive they feel things at a deeper level while men are generally more logical and analytical, which are related to how God designed them to be natural leaders of a family.

In addition, a masculine man founds himself on solid principles and spiritual values, and is unwilling to bend or compromise with decisions based on his morals. He has purpose and drive, and uses intelligence and initiative to be decisive. His strength should be far more than just the physical.

Masculinity is the ability to be temperate, to use common sense and judgment, and to be able to take charge when necessary all of which so few today seem to recognize as vital to the male role. The slide into male weakness is only compounded because, with so few now any longer demonstrating these basic masculine traits, there are almost no role models for young men to emulate.

But you can be different, if you set your will to be and truly feminine women will notice and appreciate it, because this is the way they were designed to think!

Of course, this is only a brief overview of the many reasons why men are and should strive to be distinctly different from women.

Femininity and its Role in Dating

What has happened to true femininity? Remember, this is Satan’s world he does not want mankind living God’s Way. As a sexless being, he wants neither men to be masculine nor women to be feminine! He wants confusion of roles, in every possible way.

Like its masculine counterpart, true femininity is almost non-existent today. The feminist movement has led society from one ditch to the other. Through its distorted cry for humanly-devised “equal rights,” actually seeking to have strong women leading weak men, it has helped to turn the marriage institution upside down.

Sadly, there was once a time when male abuse of women (and they are “weaker vessels”) was widespread. While “equal rights” has greatly reduced this problem, such “equality” has come at a terrible price.

Having absolutely no comprehension of the government of god and no understanding of the need for this government in the family society has produced families in which husbands, wives, children, grandparents and others of the extended family simply do not see the direct connection of the correct understanding of each person’s role to happiness, peace and unity in the home.

The “women’s lib” movement has also influenced and virtually taken over the rearing of children. As a result, an enormous void now exists, with women no longer being taught about or trained in through society, school, family or religion the definition of true femininity or how to exude it.

A truly feminine woman wants to be a woman. She does not want the role of the man, understanding she would be uncomfortable doing something she was not designed to do. God purposely made women unique from men. The feminine woman honors the uniqueness of her womanhood knowing that this is what is attractive to the masculine man. She understands and respects the differences God installed into each of the sexes.

Women are physically weaker and emotionally different. They cry more easily and often need to express their feelings more openly with others.