By Staff Writer

The Federation needs more of a slam-dunk attitude if it’s going to make progress in junior and senior basketball on the local circuit says the President of the Great Adventure Enterprise Inc., a non-profit organization.

Harvey visited the Federation in August to hold several basketball camps with young hoop aspirants from St. Kitts and Nevis. He found the level of play from junior players was at a low standard..

While noting he has seen ‘some promising things,’ Mr. Harvey added, “The reason it is so low is because in St. Kitts there are not many local leagues or tournaments going on at a consistent basis. What will happen is you will have kids that do not know how to dribble, pass or shoot well.”

While in the Federation, Harvey taught the juniors basketball maneuvers including the basics of dribbling and shooting. What he saw convinces him that the players can improve their control and talent but that they need more training and opportunity to play.

Earlier this year, The Observer reported that the St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Basketball Assn. had entered a junior team in a Caribbean Basketball Confederation U-16 tournament. However, before the draw took place, the team was withdrawn from competition.

The problem was the SKNABA decided it did not have enough qualified players who were at a competitive level of play. Harvey said the joint camp between his entity and the SKNABA would in the future benefit the local association and the country .

St. Kitts and Nevis have not participated in a regional junior or senior competition in the past 12 years. This trend is expected to continue since the regional team will miss out on next year’s Caribbean Basketball Competition senior men and women’s championship for the British Virgin Islands.