One of the most intriguing match-ups for this years SPRITE SKABA Premeir League takes place this Sunday at Basketball City.

Horsford’s Ghetto Roots and the McKnight Trotters are two of the most powerful and long-standing clubs in local basketball.

Ghetto Roots has won the SKABA title on five occasions in 1982, 86, 92, 93 and 96 while Trottters has won the title on just two occasions but has been to the finals on at least five different occasions.

The match-up has always been a perennial favorite with basketball fans over the years as each community comes out in there numbers to support there respective teams.

McKnight and Irishtown for the Trotters and Newtown and East Basseterre for the Ghetto Roots.

What makes the match-up this years even more interesting and intriguing is the pending trade or transfer between both teams.

The trotters has been to the SKABA finals for the last 3 –4 years straight and one of the main reasons for the team’s success has been the exciting play of Levi “By-By Fyfeild. Fyfield along with Tamboura Caines provided probably the most potent 1-2 punch in the premier division.

The combination of Caines and Fyfield provided much problems for teams including Ghetto Roots who lost 3 times to trotters in the 2005 season including a huge semifinals loss in the playoffs. Since then the Ghetto Roots has lost Carlos Monzac who was a huge factor in the success last year .

Thus the east Basseterre team have been doing some re-organising and it has maybe resulted in what we can term as the equivalent of the Shaq/lakers/Heat trade two season agao in the NBA.

It is heavily rumored that one half of the Trotters dynamic duo By-By has opted to request a transfer to the Ghetto Roots join buddy Berlie Francis. The transfer can easily shift the balance of power from Trotters and Fig Tree to Hitters and Ghetto Roots as Hitters themselves have dug into the Trotters treasure trove and have themselves acquired a key trotters player in Alex “Juco”.

Therefore the weekend match-up with Ghetto Roots and Trotters will provide much drama as both teams based on the transfer will have axes to grind. The full weight of Trotters fortune will depend on the play of Tambooura Caines who has become accustomed to By-By at his side.

Not having the “go-to” in By-By would mean an extra load on Caines and it is left to be seen if he can handle it. There is still much speculation as to whether By-By will leave the Trotters but it is certainly true to say that either way the match-up will certainly be one of the most exciting in this years league.

The match will be game 2 on Sunday with St.Pauls vs Cayon being the game 1.