By Trisha La Place

The Observer

The Newtown United Football Association was awarded $15,000 in sponsorship. The contract between the club and was signed under a 5-year agreement by both parties.

The presentation was held at Collin Periera Conference Room at the Ocean Terrance Inn on Wed Oct 20.

Noah Mills, TDC Relations and Marketing Manager gave a hearty welcome to the staff, press and football members.

Nicolas Menon, Exective Director, said that TDC often plays an active roll in sponsoring many activities within the Federation . Menon also stated “ we choose to sponsor Newtown United because they have the ability to accomplish promising goals and they don’t wait around for a hand out.”

Jason McKoy president of Newtown United football club gave a hearty thank you to TDC for sponsoring the team and stated he is extremely appreciative by the bold gesture to sponsor Newtown United.

He also said that the team is trying to put together programs to broaden youth academic skills throughout the community.

Some of the Club Members that were present at the ceremony are newly appointed coach Lennie Lake, Manger Derrick Fyfield and four members of the football club.