Story Courtesy Of

Reggie Douglas

Nevis Cycle And Triathlon Club

It was another fine day of racing on January 20, 2008.

It was a cool afternoon for the start of the “Oualie Classic.” The race route took 16 racers from Oualie to New River, a stretch of 14.5 miles, while one other racer just did 8.5 miles. It was a pretty relaxed pace going over to New River with Reggie Douglas controlling the pace as he coached the members of his youth squad through the early stages.

The first move was made over a rough area going into butlers, as riders tested each other to see who had, or did not have, the legs on this day.

The group came back together, then Greg Philip made the next move. Unfortunately he went too early, and Reggie said he should save his strength. The lead group only split up finally as Reggie, James and Keith pushed the pace going up to the New River turnaround.

On the way back only three were there in the fight for the win, with the pace going up and down; Keith got dropped but came back, as Reggie made his final attack in Newcastle, catching James out with a slick move on the inside, getting a gap – and he did not look back again until he reached the finish line.

James Weekes took second and Keith Jones third.

Kristina Stoney and Valerie Smithen was the only two elite females there.

Kristina, having got more races in her legs than Valerie, was able to stay in the lead group until the split. Kristina was the first female to cross the line, taking 6th overall behind Winston and Greg.

In the master’s class, Gordon ‘Doc’ Avery came first, outpacing more than the two guys in his class by taking 10th overall.

The Newcastle development squad is showing their manager and Coach Reggie Douglas that they can fight. Dion Clarke was the first to get dropped, but Alex Jermaine stayed with the lead group until Bricklin. Alex said Dion caught him back up at the airport and they were fighting for position right up to the finish, which came down to a final sprint between the two, it was a real fight, the two of them crossing the line together.

This race showed excellence in the making at both ends of the age spectrum,with  Doc Avery getting faster every race (and showing that age is irrelevant) and the young guns of Newcastle, demonstrating that they will be a serious challenge to the current elite racers in a short time.

Congratulations to all who raced on the day, everyone did really well and posted good times, thanks also to Leslie Armentrout for the timing. A great race.

The next events will be a Mini-Triathlon and Kids triathlon on Saturday, January 26, at Oualie Beach. On Sunday, January 27, there is a 12-mile criterium road race on St Kitts hosted by the FreeWheelers Cycling & Triathlon Club.