By Saju Ng’alla

The National Bank Netball League Champions, the Coca-Cola Shamrocks, started the season with two impressive wins.

The first victory took place on Saturday at the opening of the National Bank Netball League at Netball City. The Shamrocks won the best team on parade.

However because the team was late to assemble for the parade, the Shamrocks were unable to participate in the Ball-O-Rama.

Eight teams were selected to play in a mini-tournament on that day. Each game was to last for 10 minutes.

The tournament was well contested with  bmobile Newtown and Carib Pearl Cayon Pacers, playing in the finals.

Cayon edged out Newtown with a score of 8-7. Cayon’s Pamella Huggins was named the MVP of the tournament.

The next victory for the Shamrocks came on Monday, in their opening match against the relentless ladies of the Basseterre High School.

The game started at a very fast pace with the Shamrocks leading 9-3 in the opening minutes of the first quarter.

However, Basseterre High went on a mini-run and got the score to 18-13 in favor of Shamrocks, by the end of the first half. And, that was pretty much how the game went. Shamrock would pull away, and sometimes lead by as much as 10 goals, and then Basseterre High would mount a scoring run to threaten taking over the lead, and then the Shamrocks would pull away again.

However, with relentless energy and efficient ball movement the ladies of the Basseterre High School, kept the game close.

In the final minutes of the game, the Shamrocks led 31-28 and the momentum seemed to be on their side. However,  Shamrocks’ center player was about to pass the ball inside to the goal shoot, when Basseterre’s goal keep jumped high and picked of the ball for a steal. Quickly Basseterre High moved the ball down the court, and easily scored. Again Basseterre was threatening with a score of 31-29, in favor of the Shamrocks.

However, costly errors by Basseterre, allowed the Shamrocks to hold on to the victory, with a score of 34-29.

Fifteen netball clubs are playing in the league, which is split up into a junior division, then Division 1 and 2.

Two games for Division 2, were played on Monday. The formidable ladies of Pegasus went up against a fairly young Polstars team.

The game started at very high competitive level, with a score of 5-4 in favor of Pegasus at the end of the first quarter.

That was as close as Polstars would get, because in the second quarter Pegasus played with much more energy and the first half ended with Pegasus on top, 15-8.

The game ended with Pegasus winning 33-17.

Also, in Division 2 action, Shamrock beat Nagico Capisterre Ballstars 28-20.