“The envy of the Caribbean,” is how Junior Health Minister Hazel Brandy-Williams termed the state of the art medical clinic Rejunoviva which officially launched its services Wedneday. The center will will be offered to Nevisians and Kittitians as well as the wider Caribbean on Wednesday mainly through memberships.

Rejunoviva is newly established Medical clinic located at the Social Security Building at Pinnys. The clinic opened  its doors early last year’s serving many patients but never officially launched all of its services.

The official launch ,held at the Yachtsman’s Grill and was attended by United States based doctors, local doctors, and well wishers. This newly established state of the art medical clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Tyrone Gill. Gill was trained in Cuba as an orthopedic surgeon. He is joined by his wife, Dr. Julie Gill, an OBGYN and by a dedicated team, which include regular visits from physicians from the Islands and mainland USA.


Speaking at the launch Brandy Williams congratulated Gill and his team for opening a state of the arts medical facility in Nevis

“We are happy to have such a state of the art facility in Nevis . I am certain that we will become the envy of most of  the Caribbean  islands. I am certain as well that our hoteliers are happy to have such a facility in Nevis  so when their guest get here they have an option.” She said.

“The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the entire cabinet and the Premier  (hon Mark Brantley) would like to congratulate Dr Gill and his team on this very significant project that they have brought to Nevis. “


The clinic will specialize in orthopedics, gynecology, dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, cardiology, neurology,  modern therapy such as: laser, ultrasound, infra-red, combination therapy, shock wave therapy, hydro therapy, ozone therapy, cardiovascular stress testing, lymphatic drainage therapy, targeted radiofrequency therapy, laser cavitation vacuum radio frequency BIO fat reduction treatment, facial rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, colposcopy examination (pre-cervical/uterine cancer exam) etc

The Observer spoke consultant for Rejunvivia Simon Lowe at the launch who explained  why the launch took place after the clinic opened its doors.

“When it opened it did have too much equipment and he (Dr. Gill) was just doing personal consultation ,” Lowe

He said that in just two weeks the clinic’s operating theater will be opened for day surgeries and  in addition the dentist facility which is just being installed will go be opened in a couple of days.

Lowe pointed out one of the most important undertaking for the clinic in the very near future.

“What we will launch very shortly is the protocol which is to stabilize patients within the first 24 hours if they had a heart attack or stroke,” he said.

Continuing he said that “what has happened many times is that people who had a heart attack or stroke ,they actually die before they can get the right care or be air lifted off to Puerto Rico or Miami . So we are putting in place a protocol that will give them the correct attention including the necessary   injection within the window after a heart attack or stroke.”

Loew revealed the clinics proposed plans.

“There are plans to take over another 7000 square feet in the building to create two operating rooms and eight recovery rooms which will be  for people to come from the neighboring islands ,instead of having to go to Miami  they can come here to have essential operations.  So there will be orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons cardiologist and others,” he said

He said that you have to become a member to access the clinic. He  quoted the annual membership cost as membership for Nevisians  EC $250, Expat  membership EC $750 and Citizens by Investment membership $750us.

He said that in cases of emergency when persons who is not member have to visit the clinic, they will be billed a percentage of the membership fee.

Lowe said that the clinic in no way wants to compete with the only hospital on Nevis the Alexander Hospital.

“We do not want to compete with the Alexander hospital. We don’t want to be in competition, but the truth of the matter is that the island needs more medical facilities,” he said.