STONEY GROVE WOMAN FOUND HANGING Shakila Chaitram, left, was found hanging from the rafters on her front porch By Observer Staff (Stoney Grove, Nevis) – A Guyanese woman was found dead at her home Tuesday afternoon, Mar. 11, the victim of an apparent suicide. The victim was found hanging from the rafters by a rope on her front porch, discovered by a neighbor passing by, who notified police. Dr. Chandy Jacob made the pronouncement of death and according to reports friends, neighbors, a crowd of the morbidly curious and at least one photographer gathered around the victim’s home to gaze on the family’s tragedy. Shakila Chaitram, 42 moved to Nevis from Guyana with her husband Shawn several years ago. Reports indicate she was very depressed because of the loss of a child. She is survived by her husband and a teenage son. The woman was very highly regarded by her community and she had regularly attended the Shiloh Baptist Church in Ramsbury for many years. “This is such a sad thing. Not just for her family, but everyone who knew her,’said a friend. “People ask why God allowed it but I don’t have that answer. I just know that God knows best and we have to trust that He will work everything out for the good of all.”