Colombo Sri Lanka


By Eric Lamb

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA:  The more one travels, the more lessons about this fascinating world we live in are there to be learned- as long as one has an open mind, that is. One lesson this writer learned long ago is that there are certain occasions when, as the saying goes, a picture (or a few of them) is worth a thousand words. This, I believe, is one of those occasions. So, just go ahead: use your imagination.

But I will add some comments before I make my exit. Anyone planning to visit this beautiful country, with its amazingly diverse landscapes, rich culture, World Heritage sites, and hospitable people, will definitely not be disappointed. And that’s not even mentioning the food, which, just by itself, is worth the trip. (You think our West Indian food is hot/spicy? Boy, let me tell yuh something–Ouch!)

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Street Sign
Rural Sri Lanka
Rural Sri Lanka.
Not Quite like the ones we have in St Kitts Nevis
Local Children
Harvesting Tea
Family Pet
Botanical Gardens