4th April 2006

Hon. Jonathan W. Feldman

United States Magistrate Judge

Western District of New York

100 State Street

Rochester, New York 14614-1287

I am Donald Caines, a citizen of St. Kitts-Nevis and Business Executive.

I have known Mr. Noel Heath for over forty (40) years and am proud to consider myself a friend.

I am aware that he has been charged with serious crimes. However, from my personal knowledge of the gentleman, I have a real difficulty accepting the veracity of those charges.

I have seen him work in his community on numerous out-reach programmes, where he mentored the youngsters in the area. I have witnessed the sobering influence he has had on the lives of so many persons. I have seen the efforts made by him to have those of us with ability translate that ability into action on behalf of others less fortunate.

I know him to be of good noble character and worthy of the highest consideration when his bail hearing takes place.

This gentleman plays by the rules, is a highly disciplined individual and if granted bail I am absolutely certain he would present himself for any appearance he is required to make.

Mr. Donald Caines

The above letter was written by Mr. Donald Caines to the US Magistrate on behalf of Noel Heath, asking that Heath be considered for bail. In last week’s issue of the paper – Friday June 9, 2006, on page 29 – in the continuation of the article headlined “No bail for Zambo”, one part of the article states:

Caines in his letter told the court that Heath became a ‘missing father figure’ to him after his own father passed at the age of 10 and said that if it was not for his guidance he would have been in jail.

“Instead he helped me to become the person that many citizens are proud of,” Caines said.

We apologise for the incorrect statement that should have read “Penny in his letter” and not “Caines in his letter”.

The Observer takes this opportunity to unreservedly apologise to Mr. Caines for this editorial oversight and to assure him and the public that there was absolutely no malice intended.