By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

A series of shootings occurred recently leaving one man suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg, a lady got shot in her waist and a young man died from three bullets to his body.

Some people believe that most of these crimes are being committed in areas that have these so called East Side/West Side gangs or ‘Bloods’ and ‘Crips’ in St. Kitts and that these gangs are mainly responsible for the crime epidemic in our country. They say young people tend to follow their peers in wrong doing. Others say parents are solely responsible for how individuals are been brought up.

Is it the parents or the gangs?

Bryan, Mechanic – I think the home has a lot to do with what’s going on, not really gangs. I came up doing a lot of stupidity too but not like how these people doing. When people come up being good in society although their family is disorderly, that is an exceptional case. In a lot of cases recently, children don’t have parents. The parents themselves are children and they need someone else to look after them.

Klieon, CFB College – I do believe that these East Side/West Side gangs have something to do with the rise in crime. Although the police have not said so, St. Kitts people have common sense. The shootings are occurring in the areas where these so-called gangs live like Village and Newtown. Parents always have a role to play in how people are brought up because we all know that the family is the root of society. We know that the family is the primary structure of society.

So, if you are not getting the best teachings at home, then you are going to go outside and look for some other structure. That’s how people involve themselves in gangs. You are going to be influenced by your peers. If you haven’t had that strong mental training that your parents gave you, then you are going to be easily influenced.

Leshana, Basseterre High School – This Bloods and Crips thing is just pure nonsense. If one person wears blue and somebody else wants to wear red, they want to fight. That’s not right. You are supposed to wear whatever colour you want. They should lock up these people for some time to show them how hard life goes.

Sarny, Cable and Wireless – Bloods and Crips have a lot to do with crime because if you are from the west and somebody else from the east and you cross the eastern territory or vice versa, you know exactly what’s going to happen. I think most of these gangs are developing because of jealousy. If you have something that I want and I mean I’m going to get it, some fight is going to happen over that.

Chimarie, Basseterre High School – These people who are in gangs just want to be cool and follow the crowd. I don’t think parents have more to do with how children turn out more than their friends, who they associate themselves with. Sometimes these boys want to follow their fathers. If their fathers used to be gangsters or jail, they want to follow the same trend.

Richard Boncamper, AFM Services – Of course these youth are causing crime to rise because of these East Side/West Side gangs. People are just following their friends, it’s peer pressure. The tv also has a lot to do with how people acting in the place. They are getting these bad habits from what they see on the television. Parents have to ensure that children don’t go down the wrong path.

Azard Gumbs, CFB College – It’s the areas that people get shot down are where these gangs are situated so I do believe that the east side and west sides gangs are causing a lot of crime. I think we are becoming very americanised and we are following a lot of things that are on television. That’s why our crime rate has skyrocketed extremely. It cannot be anything else but the gang related thing because those persons who get shot, when the police tell us or we hear about them in the newspapers, we hear that they are related into a murder. It always has to do with some criminal activity. That’s what leads me to think that it’s because of the gang members.