Some of the learning materials designed to engage students and make learning exciting.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Teachers from learning and educational institutions recently participated in a workshop to equip them with the necessary knowledge, information, skills and tools needed to create a more conducive learning environment for their students.

Creating a print-rich environment was the main focus of the workshop, said Tamara Ponde, a teacher in the Basseterre High School Learning Support and Social Sciences Department. She pointed out this type of environment will result in a stimulating and educational learning experience.

Ms. Ponde emphasized that the information that she has garnered will be very beneficial to teachers as individuals, and their students.

“As educators, we are tasked with the job of ensuring that the Federation’s students have the necessary knowledge, skills and the attitudes they need to become effective members of society,” Ms. Ponde explains.

She said in the past, teachers were not focused on equipping students with the necessary materials, manipulatives and information to create a print-rich environment.

“So we are here today,” Ms. Ponde told workshop participants. “We are all busy making different charts, manipulatives and graphs we are going to need in our classrooms. They will help our students realize it is not only books and pens that are needed in the classroom. It is also necessary to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. All these materials in our classrooms will help our students to realize their full potential.”

Reshana Defreitas, an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at Washington Archibald High School, Basseterre High School and Beach Allen Primary School, explained why the exercise was important for both teachers and students.

“The sky is the limit.” Ms. Defreitas explained. “There is always room for improvement for both teachers and students. If teachers are prepared, the students will be better equipped. If we pool our resources together, we will be able to have better ideas. I believe different ideas from everyone today are good ideas and are definitely going to serve the students positively.”

The teachers were able to design learning materials, such as charts about Language, Science and Mathematics. They also designed games to engage students and make learning exciting. The games will enable each student to have an opportunity to participate.

Ms. Defreitas said the workshop was very informative and interactive.

“Each shared the common goal of imparting his or her ideas and designing at least one item,” she concluded.